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Recently Added Episodes

Girls Season 6 Episode 1


Riding a wave of newfound career success, Hannah gets an assignment to write a story about a female surf camp in the Hamptons, where she meets Paul-Louis, an uncomplicated waterski instructor. Hoping to break her old patterns post-divorce, Marnie tells Ray he needs to spend more time at his own place, but Adam and Jessa’s […]

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9

The Walking Dead

Rick is introduced to a new community.

Black Sails Season 4 Episode 3

Black Sails

Max runs afoul of the law. Rogers reckons with his past. Flint and Madi reach an understanding. Long John Silver makes his return.

Bob’s Burgers Season 7 Episode 9

Bob's Burgers

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Tina, Gene and Louise each find themselves wrapped up in love-caused chaos. Meanwhile, Bob decides on a romantic gesture in order to impress Linda.

Homeland Season 6 Episode 4


Carrie handles her client. Saul’s trip takes a turn. Quinn investigates.

Family Guy Season 15 Episode 12

Family Guy

The guys try to start a podcast, but Peter goes solo and branches out as a DJ. Meanwhile, back at the Griffin home, Lois’ allergy forces Brian to move into Stewie’s bedroom and the two have roommate difficulties.

Heartland (CA) Season 10 Episode 13

Heartland (CA)

Mercy Street Season 2 Episode 4

Mercy Street

After the battle of Chantilly, Hopkins and Emma strike out to rescue wounded soldiers.

The Path Season 2 Episode 4

The Path

Sarah and Cal learn that the FBI is investigating The Movement. Hawk and Noa grow closer, while Mary and Sean deal with challenges to their relationship. After an outburst at the casino with Chloe, Eddie joins a support group for former cult members.

Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 19

Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 18

Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 17

Teen Mom 2

Gold Rush Season 7 Episode 18

Gold Rush

Impractical Jokers Season 6 Episode 1

Impractical Jokers

The guys are hit with some bad reception while working behind a desk; the guys head to the park where they ask strangers for advice on their questionable life choice; tonight’s big loser is tasked with taking photos of a water aerobics class.

Face Off Season 11 Episode 3

Face Off

The artists arrive at Mattel Headquarters where they learn they will be creating film ready versions of “Monster High” characters in this week’s immunity challenge.

Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 11

Dance Moms

In the final week before the ALDC heads to Pittsburgh for Nationals, the elite girls struggle with a difficult ballet routine and get the cold shoulder from Abby; Abby becomes obsessed with the mini soloists; Kendall resumes her stalled music career.

Workaholics Season 7 Episode 5


The guys throw their own version of Coachella to impress a group of festival girls.

Reign Season 4 Episode 1


Queen Mary, unsure who to trust, tests her brother James to ensure his loyalty after hearing of his meeting with John Knox. Queen Elizabeth agrees to help Lord Darnley, in an attempt to sabotage the powerful suitor’s relationship with Mary.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 4 Episode 13

The Curse of Oak Island

The Lagina brothers and their partners make incredible discoveries at Smith’s Cove and in the Money Pit.

Gold Rush Season 7 Episode 17

Gold Rush

Parker Schnabel is forced to call his dad in to help his struggling operation; Todd Hoffman has the best clean-up of the season; and Tony Beets’ daughter, Monica, starts bringing home the gold.