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Recently Added Episodes

Underground Season 2 Episode 1


The remaining members of the Macon 7 have made it North, but they’ve learned that freedom is not as simple as crossing a line.

Catfish: The TV Show Season 6 Episode 2

Catfish: The TV Show

After planning a life with his online love for eight years, a man worries over her sudden disappearance.

Man Seeking Woman Season 3 Episode 10

Man Seeking Woman

The Expanse Season 2 Episode 7

The Expanse

Preparations for the Earth/Mars peace conference tighten the tension on Erringwright.

Legion Season 1 Episode 5


David finds a way for him and Syd to touch, and then goes off to rescue Amy on his own. Meanwhile, Cary realizes what the Devil is.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 12 Episode 10

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Dennis reveals he has a baby from his Wade Boggs layover in North Dakota. Everyone offers a solution for how to get him out of this jam. Mac suggests they pretend to be a couple and Frank wants to make the broad a “decent” proposal b/c $1 million for sex is indecent. In the end, […]

Black-ish Season 3 Episode 17


Janine gives Diane a white Girlstory doll for her birthday, and when Bow tries to return it for a black doll, she is shocked by the limited options offered. Dre blames the lack of representation of African Americans in the media, but when confronting this systematic problem, he realizes that he has prejudices of his […]

Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 16

Major Crimes

A murder case goes sideways at trial when defense attorney Linda Rothman (guest star Jeri Ryan) is able to destroy Det. Amy Sykes’s credibility on the stand. Helping Rothman as a defense investigator is Amy’s old nemesis, Mark Hickman (guest star Jason Gedrick).

The Magicians Season 2 Episode 7

The Magicians

Julia and Kady enlist Quentin, Margo, Eliot and Penny for a magical heist.

Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 17

Lethal Weapon

Riggs and Murtaugh team up again with DEA Agent Karen Palmer, and together they gain inside knowledge of dangerous new cartel operations. As Riggs’ attachment to Palmer deepens, so do his impulsive actions, further worrying Captain Avery and Delgado. In the meantime, Trish explores the potential of an amazing new career opportunity.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Season 2 Episode 1

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

When the daughter of an American family visiting Haiti to adopt a child is kidnapped, the International Response Team travels to the island nation to try to find her. Also, Jack (Gary Sinise) and his wife, Karen (guest star Sherry Stringfield), prepare to send their daughter to college.

Speechless Season 1 Episode 17


Dylan asks Maya not to have their annual birthday party for her, but Maya holds an amazing surprise party anyway and soon learns the real reason why Dylan didn’t want to have a party. Elsewhere, Ray is put in charge to watch JJ but panics when his brother has a day of independence at the […]

Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 11

Designated Survivor

The nation reels from the aftermath of the shooting on the steps of the Capitol while Emily struggles with the knowledge there may be a traitor in the White House. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Hannah Wells grapples with her decision to reveal what she knows about the conspiracy behind the Capitol bombing.

The Goldbergs (2013) Season 4 Episode 17

The Goldbergs (2013)

Barry feels threatened when school deadhead Matt starts hanging out with the JTP and soon finds himself kicked out of the group when he becomes too controlling. Back at home, Adam uses a curse word which sends Beverly into a tail spin, even though she curses all of the time. To curb everyone’s behavior, a […]

Being Mary Jane Season 4 Episode 8

Being Mary Jane

Mary Jane and Justin go rogue to chase a story as Mary Jane frets about meeting Lee’s baby momma.

Bones Season 12 Episode 9


When a young man dies in a horrendous hay baler accident, Booth, Brennan and Aubrey slap on trashy disguises and go undercover at a rowdy demolition derby competition to investigate the case. Meanwhile, Dr. Gordon Wyatt returns and assists Hodgins and Cam when the ongoing Gormogon case hits a dead end.

Bull (2016) Season 1 Episode 16

Bull (2016)

When a state governor and the co-owner of a skydiving company die during a jump, Bull helps the co-owner’s brother, Max Hyland, and daughter fight a lawsuit filed by the governor’s widow by trying to find who sabotaged the parachute. Also, Bull and his frequent trial collaborator, Liberty Davis, find themselves on opposing sides in […]

Switched at Birth Season 5 Episode 6

Switched at Birth

Daphne becomes concerned when her medical mentor begins to make multiple mistakes with his patients

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 13

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Rip forces Waverider down in 65 million B.C. While Ray, Nate, and Amaya seek out a lost piece of technology they need to restore the timeship, Jax and Sara enter Rijp’s subconscious in a desperate attempt to find the location of the last fragment of the Spear of Destiny.

Fresh Off the Boat Season 3 Episode 16

Fresh Off the Boat

The Huangs host couples game night, and Jessica’s ultra-competitive nature is on full display. Louis, by way of Honey, works up the courage to confront Jessica about being a sore loser, and she surprisingly accepts his criticism without incident. But when she learns that he discussed their private life to people outside of their family, […]